“Holy People, Faithful Church” Coming Soon!

As a church, our scholars are an underutilized gift.  We are fortunate to have organizations like the Wesleyan Theological Society that encourage Wesleyan/Methodist scholarship and provide a context for sustained theological formation in our tradition.

CrossandflameIf you are passionate about the UMC’s theological DNA and interested in connecting with some of our leading voices, you will not want to miss the upcoming “Holy People, Faithful Church” conference hosted by United Methodist Scholars for Christian Orthodoxy.  This conference, just in time for a post-Easter break, features a diverse array of scholar-pastors and leaders such Joy Moore, Billy Abraham , Bishop Gregory Palmer, David Watson, and Bishop Mike Lowry.  The conference will meet from March 31-April 2 at Armstrong Chapel UMC in Cincinatti, Ohio.

Engaging our Wesleyan roots is vital to the future of our church. We are excited for this opportunity to hear from leading United Methodist thinkers and practitioners.

Register here!


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