Introducing the WesleyCast: A Podcast for Wesleyans

We love podcasts. They help us grow in our faith, learn new things, and get introduced to new folks. However if you look at the general religious podcasts currently available on iTunes very few of them reflect theology from a Methodist/Wesleyan perspective. Glancing through the top 200 reveals a lot of non-wesleyan podcasts and the theology is sometimes hit or miss.

So we decided to start our own podcast that is uniquely Methodist/Wesleyan in its perspective. Our main goal is to model a dialogue from across the Wesleyan spectrum of theological thought. We hope to offer three things for our listeners:

  1. Pertinent discussions about whats happening in Methodism. Our model is dialogue that helps us sharpen our understandings and yours. Iron sharpens iron.
  2. Theological thoughts from Pastors and Professors across the world.
  3. Interactions with new resources to help the local church make disciples for Christ.

You can subscribe to the WesleyCast here.


In the weeks and months ahead look for author interviews, book giveaways, and annual conference conversations.


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